As ICTs spread throughout our societies, touching more and more parts of our lives, digital competence becomes essential for every individual and organization and technologies become the main infrastructure of each workplace. Released from physical boundaries and constraints, the workplace of the future will be more and more mobile and flexible, requiring its “inhabitants” to be provided with advanced digital and organizational skills.

The project addresses the specific priority related to the provision of new skill-sets relevant to the needs of today's and the future labour market.

In the core of the Digital Workplace project is the development of a learning curriculum, developed mostly in a MOOC format and complemented by an assessment and certification process based on Open Badges.
MOOCs and Open Badges are at the cutting-edge of OERs’ development and can strongly contribute to the creation of a new learning ICT-based environment.
By acquiring these new competences, VET and HE staff involved in the project will be able to replicate, in a cascade effect, their training and to transfer their skills to others professionals and to promote the uptaking of a digital and mobile approach in the organization of work.

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